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1st Congress of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

Programme and election of leadership

klsztOn February 27. the 1st Congress continued its work, by listening and adopting the activity report covering the period since the founding congress (December 6. 2013), adopting the decisions of the Autonomous Trade Union Confederation (ASZSZ), and the National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) to merge into it with legal succession. The congress also discussed and adopted the amended MaSZSZ Statutes. The delegates adopted the 2015-2019 Programme of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation and elected the new office bearers of the confederation. The congress delegates expressed thanks and recognition to the outgoing president Péter Pataky and the outgoing vice-president László Varga for their outstanding work throughout the merger process.

László Kordás was elected president and Tamás Székely vice-president of MaSZSZ.


ASZSZ and MSZOSZ decided to merge into new confederation

Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ)
Together and stronger

Tmszoszhe National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) and the Autonomous Trade Unions (ASZSZ) decided today to merge with legal succession into the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ). The delegates of MSZOSZ and ASZSZ made this decision in their separate congresses. Taszszhe merger process into the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ) is to be concluded on February 27-28 in its Congress, where the new leadership will also be elected.



felpalyaNationwide protest action on December 15!

Settling early retirement, is not equal to its abolition!
Tightening of fringe benefits, is not equal to its rationalisation!
Mentioning social partners, is not equal to meaningful negotiation!
Enactment of the Labour Code, adoption of the 2015 Tax Code, is not equal
to tripartite agreement!

Enough of biased and half-solutions!

Liga, MSZOSZ and several unions will wage a country wide half-track road
blockade on December 15 protesting against the unilateral practice of the
government, calling for meaningful negotiations in the interest of workers
and the future of the country.


elnoksegTo Everyone!
Same interest - common action!

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation held its first congress on 21 November 2014, and decided about the steps necessary for the realization of integration.

The Congress considers that immediate changes are needed in the situation of the country, of jobs, and of the people. The tax laws passed, the draft budget bring the public sector and most sectors of the economy in a precarious position, which, if left unchanged lead to dysfunction. Subsequent transfers of income further increase the gap between the rich and those fighting for livelihood. The government intends to introduce another public works program financed by cuts of social support, which will cause further troubles.


World Day for Decent work

wddw07. OCTOBER. 2014.
World Day for Decent work

Freezing of wages? Termination of early pensions? WE DO NOT LET IT !!!

Demonstration on October 7 at 16.00 in front of the Ministry of National Economy, Budapest V. József Nádor tér.

Minimum wages fall significantly under the existence minimum. The longstanding system of early pension was terminated in 2013 - negatively effecting tens of thousands of workers who have been working in hazardous conditions.

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ)demonstartion in the frame of the WDDW intend to direct the attention of policymakers,legislators to these very burning problems, calling for DECENT WAGES, DECENT WORK for DECENT LIVING.

Parallel to this action, the Hungarian TUC initiate a nationwide collection of signatures to rescue the early pension system.

Dear colleague Orbovic ...

logoDear colleague Orbovic,
Dear Colleague Canak,

The National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions / MSZOSZ closely follows the economic, social and political developments in the neighbouring Serbia and the important work of our fellow trade unions. We are receiving alarming news about the planned amendments to the Serbian Labour Code, which has been drafted without appropriate consultations with the social partners, the Social and Economic Council.




On April 28 2014 the National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions / MSZOSZ and its affiliates remembered those colleagues, who lost their lives, got injured at work and becames subject of occupational diseases. Several activities were organised across the country. In Budapest a national conference took place with the attendance of over one hundred workplace safety representatives, trade union shop stewards, secretaries, employers' OSH responsibles and representatives of the labour and safety authority.

The "Safe and healthy work for all" conference was also attended by scolars and researchers.


We did it! – Hungarian Trade Union Confederation established!

elnoki_kezfogasOn December 6 2013 the founding congress of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation took place in Budapest. Through the integration of the Autonomous Trade Union Confederation (ASZSZ), the National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) and the Forum for the Co-operation of Trade Unions (SZEF) the largest interest representation organisation in Hungary has been created with 250000 active and 100000 pensioner members.


Minimum Wage – What Company Managers Expect


Now that we are after the budget submission for the fiscal year 2014, the minimum wage negotiations for the forthcoming year, just like the trilateral discussions relevant to the national wage recommendations are also in the offing. On that occasion, upon the commission received from the National Association of Hungarian Trade Unions, the Policy Agenda carried out a survey among small and medium sized enterprises, to find out what minimum wage level the company managers expect and deem acceptable.The survey focused on the institution of the occupational pension which has not yet come up to the expectations hitherto.